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The future depends on what we do in the present.

Building business since 1977

We are engaged in trade & service of a wide range of products in our core fields of Health, Science & Education. We have embraced Information Technology as an enabler for standardizing workflows and providing decision support tools.

We are

Problem Solvers

Powering Excellence

Building on the foundation of "A Commitment to Excellence" in the products and services offered, "Enabling Excellence" in our people and processes, we are now "Powering Excellence"

We Identify, Address and Resolve the critical challenges faced by versatile range of industries.

We start by asking the right questions and then dig deep into the problems to unearth the right solutions.


We don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions.


Our approach and recommendations are highly customized.


We help clients decide where they want to go, and how to get there.

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Core Employees

$120 Million

Turnover (2020)

Industries we serve

Nurse And Patient



Medical Equipment & Supplies
Critical Care, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Laboratory Medicine, Hospital Furniture, Supplies


Supplemental Staffing
Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Imaging, PT

Providing Care​
Medical, Dental, Homecare, Physiotherapy

Retail Stores​

Health & Wellness, Home Modification

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We will nurture and enable people, our greatest resource.

We will engage in critical thinking to drive business.

We will grow consciously by executing with discipline, managing risk and exploiting opportunities.


To be one of top three solution providers in Medical, Scientific & Education fields engaging in trade & service activities in the region.

To develop opportunities in Information Technology applied to these fields.

To apply our knowledge and expertise regionally.


To deliver a superior Customer Experience.

Our Values


I am the master of my destiny. I know that everything is created twice – first in the mind and then in the material world. I am able to accomplish anything I can think of. I shall no longer say I can’t.


I am motivated by the meaning of my life. I embrace stewardship and shall never deviate. I persevere knowing that obstacles are the stepping stones to growth.


I am passionate about my vocation and delivering with excellence. I understand that empowerment requires a balance between freedom, support and control: encouragement and a light touch are often the best way.


I understand that everything has to happen in its own good time. I am not rushed or anxiously waiting for people to change.


Using my great power of transformation, I take each circumstance, situation and event for the deeper meaning that is so often hidden. I know everything is for the best and will stretch in divine order.


I create beauty wherever I am, speaking softly, respecting the nature of each one in my contact. I express myself without pretense and without offense. 


I am at peace with myself and with the world outside. I will embrace each day with discipline in thought and action.

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"Life is a journey, and not a destination. A goal is only a milestone, and with the achievement of each goal we will set another more challenging one. It is a quest for continuous improvement and the root cause of any undesirable outcome must be identified and removed. How can we do more with less, and what can we do to take out inefficiencies in our thoughts and our actions. We are responsible for the outcome. We shall be a disciplined people engaging in disciplined thought and action "

Chairman - Virtus Holding


Group Companies


Virtus Group

General Trading

Virtus Group is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services for Health, Science, Education and Engineering industries, offering scalable solutions for consumer, business, or government purposes.


Virtus Informatics

Information Technology

Virtus Informatics is a Systems Integrator. VI enables workflow efficiency through Digital Transformation, making data seamlessly available to Stakeholders through Integration Engines and delivered on a Central Platform.


Virtus National

Library & Information Technology Services

Enabling excellence in Library & Information Technology services since 2005, Virtus National takes pride to be the premier Library Service & Information Technology provider in Kuwait with 11 years of profound experience in providing scholarly electronic resources and information services.


Virtus MedLab

Medical Laboratory Technology 

Virtus MedLab is a provider of Medical Laboratory Technology for Oncology and Virology Diagnostics, in Kuwait. It provides an extensive range of products and solutions in "Transforming Medical Laboratories" - with a focus on enhancing diagnostic clarity and deliver what really matters – better patient care.


Virtus Trading LLC

Medical & Analytical Technology

VTL provides cutting-edge Healthcare and Analytical solutions in UAE from world-class manufacturers. Their diverse capabilities in Marketing, Sales, Application Support and Service of a wide and comprehensive range of equipment and consumables, for Healthcare facilities and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries, makes them a leading solution provider in the region. 


Virtus Technical Services

Analytical Technology & Engineering Services

VTS is an industry leader in providing Advanced Analytical Equipment and Specialized Services for the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry in Qatar through activities such as installing, commissioning, running performance checks and training end users on routine operations before handing over of projects. They represent some of the Best of breed Vendors in the world who have applied their deep knowledge and experience in the industry that are now considered as Gold Standards. They have the expertise in facility engineering, to conduct requirements analysis, possess strong fundamentals to offer value engineering and assistance in the design, planning and execution of projects.


Virtus Consulting & Management DMCC

Healthcare Consulting Services

VCM has risen to be one of the prominent providers of consulting services in the region. They Identify, Address and Resolve the critical challenges faced by the healthcare industry at the local, national and regional national level. They bridge the gap between strategic thinking and implementation with realistic action plans and tactical recommendations, enabling them to stretch their clients’ thinking while ensuring that final deliverables will move the organization toward achieving long-term goals and objectives.


Virtus Health Partners

Education, Healthcare Management & Personalized Medicine

VHP is an association and collaboration between Industry experts, Academia, global institutions and leading private sector companies. They specialize in international Public-Private-Partnerships to deliver Education, Healthcare Management and Personalized Medicine services


Virtus Innovative Solutions

Consulting & BPO Services

VIS provides invaluable solutions and services to companies in their pursuit of excellence by allowing them to reorganize their current structure seamlessly, creating a more cutting-edge approach and build a culture of efficiency. They assist companies identify new workflow automation techniques and technologies, better understand their current conditions, streamline their processes, and find solutions that will help accelerate growth.


Medical Solutions Company

Medical Technology

MSC has risen to be one of the prominent providers of Health Solutions and Services in the region. They Identify, Address and Resolve the critical challenges faced in the Diagnostic & Surgical Space by delivering Diagnostic Tools, Integrated Operating Theatres & Information Systems to support the Continuum of Care.


Virtus Connect

Healthcare Staffing

Virtus Connect is a recruitment partner for care homes across the North of England. Their goal is to find their clients a sustainable staffing solution that is tailored to their needs. They specialise in placing high-calibre candidates, who will help their clients provide the best quality of care.


Worldtech Trading

Analytical Technology

Worldtech operates in the Analytical space and knows that their clients want mega trend technology that is robust, reliable, easy-to-use and available at affordable price points. Their holistic approach to solving problems and pain points mandates them to work with foremost technology giants who share our same values, is passionate on making a difference, and strive to constantly innovate and be in the forefront of technological advancements. This enables them to deliver more comprehensive and interoperable solutions and services,


Dar Al Saha Polyclinic

Healthcare Services

DASP, established in 2008 is an ultra modern and state of the art polyclinic in Kuwait, catering to the healthcare needs of the local population through quality medical care. Their team of qualified medical professionals cover a wide range of clinical specialties including General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynae, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine & Diabetis, Dental, Laser & Beauty Clinic, Physiotherapy, Dermatology & Venerology, ENT, Allergy Clinic, Pain & Rehabilitation, Laboratory and Radiology.


Omorfia Life Co. W.L.L

Investment Holding

Omorfia Life is an investment holding company establishing two new private healthcare facilities and clinical services namely - 

PHI Clinic
A unique and differentiated polyclinic specializing in women’s issues and concerns including dermatology / aesthetics, women’s general health, women’s mental health for all ages.

BioDynamics Lab

Provides a wide variety of diagnostic and Precision Medicine services enabling clinicians to efficiently provide patients a highly confident diagnosis within 24 hours of biopsy.


Virtus Tours & Travels

Travel & Tourism

Virtus Tours & Travels is dedicated to providing uncompromising quality in travel and tour services with a specialty in providing Medical Tourism services. They are associated with internationally accredited state-of-the-art hospitals employing highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, well-known for their excellence in providing quality healthcare services located in various countries which provide critical, elective and preventive medical and surgical treatments in various clinical specialties.


Kuwait Home Medical Care

Assisted Living Services

KHMC provides in-home support for individuals who are elderly, disabled, or recovering from an illness or injury. Their services  include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, as well as help with household tasks like meal preparation, laundry, and cleaning, and include medical care, such as administering medication, monitoring vital signs, and providing wound care.

Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen

By Finding Ways to Work Together 

We make a Difference

Growth requires discipline: the discipline to engage in continuous improvement, to continually invest in training, to meet commitments of performance and quality, to drive future growth through proof of concept pilots, to collect receivables, to be fiscally prudent, to deliver consistently growing dividends: and at all times be drivers of change that challenge status quo in delivering a "Superior Customer Experience".




People are our most important resource; Nurturing and enabling them, developing critical thinkers and empowering stewards capable of driving growth. Proactively managing our HR requirements, we are increasing headcount annually, constantly seeking both fresh and experienced hands in various spheres of our activity.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team and grow together with us.. 


We pride ourselves in having a great team and a collaborative work environment.  It's important to us that you enjoy coming to work every day, which we ensure through flexible working arrangements and tools that benefit you.


We welcome you to reach out to us. While all submissions are appreciated, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. We retain our candidate submissions for a minimum of two years, so don't feel the need to reapply if you have submitted already. 

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